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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Angel Puss

Ah YouTube! A great repository of useless and oftentimes crazy clip materials. Sometimes of course the occasional gem of great trivial importance is just a click away, granted you are not retarded and actually do know how to use the search function. Did I just say that? How politically incorrect of me!!!

Well all that stupid set-up was just to introduce you to the Historical Preservation Library of Banned Cartoons. A website dedicated to the banned Politically Incorrect cartoons of yesteryears!

Of course this is the internet, where most people are lazy to even click a link. Have no fear, I'm embedding one of the featured cartoons here so it could stare you right in the face waiting for you to click it, so that you can watch it and see a sample of them unPC cartoons.

The title of this particular feature is Angel Puss, Duh!. The description given by the site:

Looney Tunes cartoon that is one of the infamous 'censored eleven', a group of cartoons that haven't been aired or released in any form since the 1960's due to their racial content

Hoh-kay! Sit back and enjoy now.

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