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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Alan Moore and his "Lost Girls"

I had heard quite a few times within fandom that if you don't know who Alan Moore is, then you aren't much of a comics fan at all. Well with things as they are, even with the recent boom of comic-based movies, the actual fan community is still a niche within a niche. So I don't think it would necessarily hurt anyone if I elaborate a bit who the man is for a broader audience in the world wide web. That is if I even have an audience, okay enough with the dilly dally.

Alan Moore can arguably be called the greatest writer so far for the medium of comics. Not really a cartoonist himself, although he did try an attempt early on in his career, he settled on just being a scribe, as he found it more of a fit for him and where his real talent lies. A very private individual and a self-proclaimed practicing warlock, he is quite known for his moodiness and stern self conviction. Once he gets mad at something or someone, he stays mad at it.

His popularity stems from the great works he has written for the medium, some of which, like the very famous "WATCHMEN", can be argued as either reinventing or reinvigorating superhero comics. Most of his other popular works like "From Hell" and "League of Extra Ordianry Gentlemen" were already adapted into bad movies much to his chagrin in retrospect. The later ones that had been adapted like "Constantine" and "V for Vendetta" were simply out of his hands because, he has sort of given up his creator ownership for them. It really is another very complicated story on its own. Simply put, Alan Moore has lived a very unusual yet creative life, full of tumultuous relationships with different publishers regarding creator rights.

Phew! Okay now that took longer than I anticipated for just another simple blog entry. Now let's get into Lost Girls.

I only found out about this particular project of Alan Moore about three years ago. This is his first self-proclaimed pornography comics work. It involves the three famous lost girls of children's literature. Alice of Alice in Wonderland fame, Dorothy of The Wizard of OZ and Wendy from Peter Pan. Right now, even unpublished, it is starting somewhat of a controversy already. If you are interested in finding out more information about this you can check out this two interesting links of an interview about the author himself here discussing the said project. This first link is about the history of the now announced three hardcover book in a slip case graphic novel. This second link, is the second part of the interview discussing his thought process and anticipation for the reactions of this particular project.

So why did I dedicate some of my time and resource just for this somewhat elaborate shilling. Well it isn't necessarily shilling, but more of as a calling of some attention to it. I find the premise of this work interesting, can pornography really be considered classy? Well I don't really know, but I'm sure as heck am willing to find out. However, the US $75.00 price tag is seriously giving me some doubts.

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igor said...

Man, this post has really made me curious about the work. Pero parang nanghihinayang ako na hindi naman dun sa $75. :D