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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Halloween!!!

This sadly marks the end of October. It was fun having a theme but I guess all good things must end. To the small audience I have gained as of late. Thank you. This however doesn't mean the end of my freaky ramblings, new stuff will still be posted and I promise that I won't deviate much from the image and interest that have come to develop as this blog's identity. So stay tuned for more fun stuff and random thoughts from your one and only Genetic Freak.

I bid you all a Happy Halloween!

Evil GrinEvil GrinEvil Grin


Connor said...

Happy Halloween DUDE!! Thanks for the awesome SIG at rama!! So what are you gonna dress up like tonight?

meowok said...

hi, blog-hopped to here from 2ngaw's blog. :D

addison said...

Uy, my first time to post a comment on my own blog. It's an honor to recieve a comment from you Ms. Bambi :D