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Monday, November 13, 2006

Remembering Eddie Guerrero

A year ago, one of my favorite wrestlers Eduardo Gory Guerrero Llanes, better known as Eddie Guerrero passed away. Leaving us, his fans shocked. He might not have gotten the public attention as much or in the way wrestlers like Hulk Hogan, The Rock or Stone Cold Steve Austin did, but he was personally the one who changed my way of viewing matches. Smark fans call it "workrate". As an entertainer, he was top notch. Even though I have followed his career moreso than the average fan, I will not pretend to be an expert and give a detailed career retrospective. I just miss the man and his performance that entertained me like so very few can.

When WWE Raw aired a montage video in remembrance to him last year, I nearly cried, my eyes literally welling up. They had chosen such an apt song with Johnny Cash's cover of "Hurt" to reflect the life of Eddie. So today one year has passed since his death, I scoured YouTube to find a copy of the song. To those who missed it, you can now listen to one powerful and haunting song.


igor said...

Viva la Raza.
I miss him too.
The day he died I called up Meowok to ask what all the Eddie fuss was about on Jack TV and why they had tribute shorts... Weird, we weren't really fans but the impact was great. It was like a hit show losing an important cast member, the show would never be the same. After that coincidentally, 2ngaw, Meowok and I had our Eddie posts in our blogs, ang they all said practically the same thing.

Anonymous said...

I still miss Eddie.
Sometimes I play old Playstation Wrestling games just to see his intro again.

One of the funniest and most entertaiment men in Wrestling, and was a close friend of my favorite, Chris Benoit.

Te echamos de menos Eddie!

addison said...

Nice to hear from both of you Poolman and Igor. I actually wrote along career retrospective as I was really a big fan. Starting from his tenure as Black Tiger II in Japan to his tag team with "Love Machine" Art Barr as Los Gringos Locos in AAA to his short feud with Dean Malenko on ECW to the phenomenal match with Rey Mysterio on the Halloween Havoc PPV for WCW. Then decided against it as the entry might lose it's impact for having too much geekery. :(

Anyways noone was more suave than Eddie in taking a gimmick and running the ball with it. I mean when he was a heel (bad guys for non-wrestling smarks) he paid to have his website be called ""

I can honestly talk about his career for a whole day.

meowok said...

what? it's been a year already...?

i don't like how they keep milking him still up until now. even his wife is in on the act. i think it's tasteless...

Anonymous said...

you need to post something else. its been a while.

amulet88 said...

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