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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

In These Fantastic Pages You Will Meet...

I honestly can't remember anymore how I found out about Monster Blog, what I do know is being super excited about it when I did. I have already told you about you how I adore Jack Kirby's work, especially those campy monster comics he did just prior to the superhero boom at Marvel. Normally I would beat you senseless in the head by going on and on regarding the greatness of those comics, but I have now decided to save my lenghty diatribes exclusively to reviews of comics and whatnot only.

This blog is literally a haven for Kirby Monsters. Not only does it sport a gallery of all the covers of comics Kirby did for Marvel back in the '50s and '60s, everybody is welcome to put in their own reviews in the comment sections. Site owner Philip Parodayco even encourages you to beat him to the punch in posting reviews to comics that have yet to have one. It also features a listing and profiles of the various monsters complete with pics scanned from the comics themselves.

I'm really not sure if it is intentional by design or not though, as I kind of find navigating the site kind of tricky at first before I got the hang of it. I suggest you play around as I've found tons of cool stuff there that I guess we could consider as easter eggs.

This is a really wonderful site. If you're a big fan of Kirby, or even just monsters in general, this will definitely be a great resource for you.


Anonymous said...

Kirby designs really shine in his monsters.
They have a tried-to-be-gruesome yet funny look, and as a comic fan I'm very happy to see them again.

I dare anyone to find a more recognizable comic-dragon than Fin Fang Foom!

destructsean said...

Awesome blog, simply for the fact that it linked me to Monster Blog. That's just awesome. Those covers are just great.