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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Jay Stephens and Monsterama

It would seem I've lost a bit of my momentum. There are tons of stuff keeping me busy and it frustrates me because I still have tons of stuff I still want to post about this month in keeping with the Halloween theme. I don't think I can wait till next year to share all of them. I guess I'll just have to cut down on my talkativeness to afford multiple entries on the few remaining free time I have this month. Okay, enough with my introductory side tangent and let's move on.

If you're a comic and a horror fan and you don't know who Jay Stephens is, you should be ashamed. His comic work may not be staright up horror, but the influence, attention and interest are definitely visible though. Famous for his works like Jetcat, Tutenstein and my favorite The Land of Nod, he could be easily considered as one of the unique voices of comics today. Okay, to make this entry shorter, you can find out more about him on his personal website by clicking here.

His blog Monsterama is one of the inspirations that led to the existence of this very blog you read. It's chock full of fun stuff and links heavily similar to the interest of Genetic Freak Online, but probably with a broader scope as I tend to focus much on comics and hopefully someday movies and TV too. His focus on "cute creeps from popular culture" seriously appeals to the inner child within me. I sincerely hope you do check out one of my favorite haunts here on the internet.

Haha! "Haunts" get it? Tongue Out 7

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