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Friday, August 24, 2007

Gegege No Kitaro art by Craig Thompson

Well, before anything else, yes I had been gone for a while. I apologize for that, I wish I could post here more regularly but such is life. However, good news is you could consider this as a resurrection of sorts. October is near again and that seems when I'm active the most here. I do have tons of stuff to share again for that particular season of the year.

Now on to business...

If you guys still remember my Shigeru Mizuki entry last year, well this entry is obviously related to that. Famous cartoonist Craig Thompson (famous for the graphic novels Blankets and Goodbye Chunky Rice) apparently is a fan too. Well I'd just like to share that he did this artwork:

Said artwork is a gift for his friend who got him into the Gegege No Kitaro manga series. More details are found here in this link from which the pic is taken.

Heck why not visit his blog Doot Doot Doot Garden and poke around on all his interesting entries. I highly recommend it.

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Unknown said...

Okay, THAT is freakin' awesome!