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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Monkey vs. Robot

Created by: James Kochalka
Published by: Top Shelf Productions
One of cartoonist's James Kochalka's earliest and famous works. It kind of became a phenomenon in a niche circle. I would not necessarily classify this as a silent comic as it did feature some words and special effects sound, but it is more of a visual story. The basic premise is simple, a group of monkeys fought a factory of robots for their jungle. I cant really spill much because you need to see it to actually get the story more fully, and it is such a short one even if the book does clock up 160 pages. It's the visual telling and not verbal saying of the story aspect of it that makes it so.

The story is basically an allegory of the "Nature vs. Technology" concept presented through simple yet beautiful and some might say in a crudely elegant art drowned in a sea of whimsy. All in all, this book is a great short read for all ages.


Anonymous said...

Cool. I think I have heard of this, but I'm not sure. How long has it been out? This is one of the first blog posting that I've realted too. Great Job!!!

addison said...

This has been out as a trade for almost 8 years now I guess. You should check out James Kochalka's band.

Anonymous said...

I so want that.

Unknown said...

That looks very cool. Something else to track down.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making me want another book my shop doesn't have!

Anonymous said...

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