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Friday, December 07, 2007

Doom 2099 the first 4 issues

Written by: John Francis Moore
Penciled by: Pat Broderick

I was honestly planning on reviewing the entire series in one big swoop, but then decided otherwise. I felt that it wasn't fair to all the contributors and creators of the entire run of this great series. Instead in the near future, expect more reviews for individual story arcs of this title. This effort is an attempt to raise awareness for this forgotten and under appreciated title and hopefully if possible, convince Marvel to release trade collections for this particular title.

When the concept of the 2099 line of comics was first announced, I was just about to become a teenager and I thought that this was a bad idea that would eventually flop. The fact that most cover prices of comics back then still enabled me to have a bit more elbow room with my impulse purchase, my curiosity still got the better of me and I still ended up trying some of the titles in it. Three titles particularly managed to impressed me big time (Spiderman 2099, Doom 2099 and Ghost Rider 2099) and one got my cursory attention (Punisher 2099).

Now to be more specific. The story of Doom 2099 was one great big elaborate tale who I'm guessing was not really much planned out entirely as with most cases of ongoing comic titles at the time. However each particular storyline was compelling enough to suck you in while the inherent uniqueness of the premise for its time piques the interest.

The comics was a series on the exploits of a villain, not an anti hero but an actual villain. A well rounded villain with logical motivation but a villain nonetheless and quite unapologetic at it. A story of a man whose resolve that his way is the only way, egocentric, ambitious, manipulative, power hungry and driven. It makes no bones in showing the ugly side of idealism granted set off in a backdrop of a futuristic sci-fi setting. Those along with the passion displayed and global political intrigue albeit a fictional one at that is what catches the audience.

The premise of the first and introductory arc is simply that, an introduction. It shows how a time displaced Doom arriving at his current setting with a slight amnesia preventing him from remembering how and why he got there. Seeing his future country in a sense of disarray and poverty he decided to make his primary mission taking the leadership back from those currently in power. Along the process seeds of doubt of whether he was the real Dr. Victor Von Doom are presented, but ultimately that did not deter him. Showing the resolve, cunning and arrogance of the actual 20th century villain, he successfully managed to accomplish his initial goals. Doom was once again ruler of Latveria, however plenty of mysteries are still left unsolved and treachery foreboding from all directions. It was a very simple but satisfying conclusion and set up for all the remaining stories to come.


Anonymous said...

gotta love the 2099 foil wrap around covers for the #1's. i was never a big fan of dr. doom so i never picked up this series. i got the doom 2099 a.d. one shot that set up president doom, but it was a pretty bare bones story that didn't do anything to make me want to continue following the character. i did, however, love all of his appearances in spider-man 2099, so i'm not enitrely against picking up this series. doom's design is a good look. it's not too '90s aside from color scheme.

Unknown said...

Marvel needs to put out trades of the 2099 universe. Especially Ravage. ;)

Seriously though, Doom 2099 is probably my favorite version of Doom. He needs to return.

Anonymous said...

Didn't they come out with another set of 2099 titles a couple of years ago? One was a female Punisher, i believe. I don't think they sold very well. Anyway, great review and I'll look forward to reading further posts about this series. TPBs or more exposure to this reality would be intersting...

Anonymous said...

DOOM! 'nuff said.

addison said...

Jimmy I think you were talking about those 2099 one shots written by Kirkman a few years ago. I have no idea if they are related in anyway to the original 2099 properties as they didn't interest me and so didn't really even checked them out.